Yoga Foundations

This class is taught by:

Lindsay Carter-Coates

Lindsay is a central coast native. She has 22 years of dance technique and training and has been teaching since she was 18. After graduating from UCSB with a degree in Anthropology, she moved to Los Angeles and managed a successful dance studio. After a few years she knew she needed to make a change and start living a life that focused on her passions- music and yoga! Now, back on the central coast and certified to teach yoga, through the amazing program at Yoga Village, she is excited to share her passion for all things positive, creative and healing!

Luana (Kamala) Knowlton

Luana Knowlton (ERYT500) literally stumbled into yoga in 2008 when she stepped onto a eucalyptus acorn and fell, injuring her ankle, knee and shoulder – and her pride. As she struggled to come to terms with her overweight body and long-term deep depression, an inner voice whispered “YOGA”. Within six months, she lost 60 pounds and found strength, flexibility, balance, and peace. She began teaching in 2010 with Vinyasa Flow, and has completed training in Restorative Yoga, Gentle Yoga, and Integral Hatha Yoga. Luana’s upbeat personality, calming presence, and kindness will encourage you to listen to the subtle messages of your body as you safely work the edges of your strength, flexibility, and energy, deepening your sense of peace and balance. Her classes are suitable for practitioners of all levels, providing detailed instruction and modifications where needed.

Richard Meyer

Years Practicing: Ten years.
(Began +,- 2004)
Certification: 200 hours.
(Completed at Yoga Village, Arroyo Grande, CA).

I started practicing yoga about ten years ago when I needed to switch away from running. I hadn't ran for a couple of years due to back problems. I was fearful of reinjury if I continued. Although I remained active physically in that two years, it was never at a level that was satisfying. I came to yoga by accident.

I tried some classes. I liked those classes. I went more regularly. Then I didn't go regularly. I found it deceptively difficult. To me there were aspects of yoga that related to running though... an ineffable physical and mental experience. From those on-again/off-again beginnings, I slowly became more consistent in practice.

I am grateful for the diverse set of instructors and teachers I have had at Yoga Village and elsewhere. As I practice, I grow.
I hope to share the experience of yoga with others; the physical and mental benefits, the positive focus, and the general well being that yoga brings to me.


Each class builds toward one particular asana (posture). Using complimentary and supplementary poses and incorporating appropriate stretches and strengtheners, the class culminates with the final asana.