Julie Zafiratos

I began my yoga practice at about age 12 with my mom in the 70’s. We did yoga in our living room to Richard Hittleman’s Yoga for Health 2nd exercise album and I read Jess Stearn’s book “Yoga, Youth and Reincarnation.” I also studied yoga and dance at college in Boulder and San Francisco. I continued practicing on and off finding classes where I could until finding instructor Billy Gill at Urth Yoga Studio, where I completed a 21 day Parinama Transformation workshop and was introduced to Yoga Nidra. This experience deepened my practice and I began including meditation, which I had always struggled with. Arriving in Arroyo Grande in 2015, I was so grateful to receive my 200 hour training at Yoga Village to be able to introduce others to this wonderful practice.

Julie Zafiratos instructs the following:
  • Yoga & Meditation *
  • An all levels class for students who are ready to deepen their practice towards meditation or who like a slower flow with more attention to energy flow and alignment. Incorporating elements of somatics, breath work, qi gong, guided visualization or yoga nidra, we focus on mindfulness and intention bringing our practice from our mats into our lives.