April Dawn

April Dawn has been a Hatha Yoga practitioner for over 20 years and a teacher for the last 10. She received her 200hr Yoga teaching credentials from Santa Barbara Yoga Center in 2007. April is a devout believer in the powerful healing aspects of a regular Yoga practice. She knows first-hand how a sincere practice can bring about tremendous benefits and positive changes for the body-mind and soul and has successfully treated and managed several childhood “dis-eases” such as asthma and rheumatoid arthritis through her yoga practice. April hopes to share what she has learned over the years and help others realize the full health potential available through a well rounded and sincere Yoga practice. Classes will offer a variety of Yogic tools to deepen our yogic experience. Mantras, mudras ,asanas and pranayama techniques are incorporated into each class combined with meditative practices that bring us into the supra -mental states of consciousness ( Dharana and Dhyana ) .

Through our Yoga practice we seek to bring a state of steadiness and balance to the mind through the purification of the body and the control of the breath. Although the practice often starts with the body or physical aspects, it ends with the mind. The ancient Sanskrit term for this is “Yogas citta vritti nirodaha” which translates as, “Yoga stills the fluctuations of the mind”. With a dedicated practice one learns how to bring about a quality of attention and calmness to whatever challenge may arise, physical, mental or spiritual. Through the physical practice of Yoga we purify and tone the body, bringing about a state of wellness felt throughout the entire being which will allow us to cultivate and pursue a meditative state of consciousness. We can not be at mental peace or achieve a meditative state if we are overrun with feelings of tension and disease in the body. Instead of a state of Mindfulness are minds remain full of tensions and fears. Through conscious control of the breath one learns how to maintain mental and emotional balance and inner peace regardless of external circumstance. By learning how to empty the full mind of unnecessary tension and worry, we open ourselves to the experience a true state of Mindfulness , balance, harmony and bliss which are recognized by Yogic philosophy as our natural state of being.
Look forward to seeing you on and off the mat!


April Dawn is currently not instructing any classes.