Ruth Kearney

I began yoga 15 years ago, watching Rodney Yee and Patricia Walden videos. I used to think yoga was too “easy,” but quickly realized I was wrong. I came to my mat every time I was upset and needed to calm down. As time went on, I became more proficient, and then an interest in the philosophy and ancient teachings emerged. I moved from the east coast to California in 2011, and began an earnest practice with Holly Sigman and Yoga Village. The wonderful teachers at the studio continued to inspire me, and I made the decision to become a certified instructor in 2014.

I am a licensed speech language pathologist, working with the geriatric population in Arroyo Grande. As a yoga instructor, I am able to meld the 2 professions together, creating a balanced therapy program for my patients. I use yoga teachings, modified asanas, and meditation with my stroke patients, and can see what a difference it makes in their lives. Just as yoga has made a difference in my own life, it is a constant source of gratification to witness someone in distress from illness relax, breathe, and find a new way of looking at the world.

I teach yoga classes at work, privately, and at Yoga Village. Connecting mind and body with the breath has changed my life, and opened up a world of new perceptions and joys. I strive to share that with every student that crosses my path.

Ruth Kearney is currently not instructing any classes.