Brenda Nur Latifa

Brenda Nur Latifa is a Certified Dance Leader with the Dances of Universal Peace of North America (DUPNA) who has been active with the dances for over 10 years. She leads a monthly dance circle in Santa Maria as well as at other special events throughout the Tri-county area where she has been asked to be a guest dance leader. She has led Kirtans on the Central Coast for several years and teaches multicultural music classes to elementary school children. Brenda Nur Latifa is deeply passionate about leading the Dances of Universal Peace and has a loving presence, deep attunement, and clarity as she shares these dances with others. The Dances of Universal Peace use music, mantra, and movements from a variety of cultures and spiritual traditions. Participants are taught songs in several languages including Sanskrit, Aramaic, Hebrew, Arabic, Hawaiian, Mayan, Latin, and English (to name a few) along with simple movements to deepen the experience. This practice is a beautiful way of coming together in Unity, Peace, Love and Harmony.

Brenda Nur Latifa is currently not instructing any classes.