Natalie Maese

Natalie was born and raised in San Luis Obispo. I fell in love with dance at the age of 3 and from there, I continued on to join The Civic Ballet Company of SLO. My yoga journey began when I was 19 and beginning college. It helped me maintain a calm, steady focus and brought so much peace into my heart. I was hooked. From there my path led me to Harmony House Yoga where I gained an even deeper connection with my practice. That’s when I knew I wanted to be a teacher. In 2015, Yoga Village helped me transform this dream into a reality, guiding me through my 200hr training; where I then became a RYT with Yoga Alliance. My passion to learn more just continued to grow and in March 2016, I completed my second 200hr training through Journey Inward with the inspirational Kelly Metcalf. Yoga has transformed my life in such a beautiful way. It taught me to surrender to something higher than myself. It gave me the strength to gaze inward; allowing me to see that I have all the answers deep inside, all I have to do is trust and listen. Yoga gave me the gift of living from a pure place of love and compassion; unveiling that this way of living is the ultimate path to healing. My hope and intention is to help my students do the same. To share with them my love, support and knowledge with the confidence that their days feel that much lighter and their hearts that much more open.

Natalie Maese instructs the following:
  • Restorative Yoga Healing Sound Bath
  • Ease your body and mind with Natalie Maese and Bryan Ratkay as Natalie guides you through Restorative Yoga poses all to the deep sounds of crystal bowls & Planetary Gongs brought to you by Bryan.

    You will be guided into a Restorative postures that will allow you to activate the deep tissue in your body (fascia), and in turn produce an incredible sense of openness and release, for both the body and the mind. Natalie will be offering hands-on assists to aid in your relaxation and enjoyment throughout the session.

    As if that wasn't enough, Bryan will be playing his phenomenal set of planetary gongs, each attuned to the chakras in your body. Along with Crystal Healing and Tibetan bowls The sound vibrations emitted by these planetary gongs and bowls will encompass and permeate your body, encouraging your body to harmonize with the balanced vibrations. The Planetary Gongs, crystal bowls and yoga practice are all magnificently healing on their own. We have let go of old wounds, set ourselves on a confident track, cried, laughed, and gone deep into meditation within each of these practices separately. When the forces of these healing modalities are brought together, wow, the experience is powerful!

    You are in for a life-changing treat and we can't wait to share it with you! Please join us. $35