Richard Meyer

Years Practicing: Ten years.
(Began +,- 2004)
Certification: 200 hours.
(Completed at Yoga Village, Arroyo Grande, CA).

I started practicing yoga about ten years ago when I needed to switch away from running. I hadn't ran for a couple of years due to back problems. I was fearful of reinjury if I continued. Although I remained active physically in that two years, it was never at a level that was satisfying. I came to yoga by accident.

I tried some classes. I liked those classes. I went more regularly. Then I didn't go regularly. I found it deceptively difficult. To me there were aspects of yoga that related to running though... an ineffable physical and mental experience. From those on-again/off-again beginnings, I slowly became more consistent in practice.

I am grateful for the diverse set of instructors and teachers I have had at Yoga Village and elsewhere. As I practice, I grow.
I hope to share the experience of yoga with others; the physical and mental benefits, the positive focus, and the general well being that yoga brings to me.


Richard Meyer instructs the following:
  • Community Class

  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Come experience a class that is open to all levels and encourages you to grow, not only in your physical practice but also on your path. Gentle Hatha Yoga, followed with guided meditation.

  • Hatha I-II
  • An intermediate to a more advanced level class, exploring asanas (postures) and linking movement with breath.