Richard Meyer

Years Practicing: Ten years.
(Began +,- 2004)
Certification: 200 hours.
(Completed at Yoga Village, Arroyo Grande, CA).

I started practicing yoga about ten years ago when I needed to switch away from running. I hadn't ran for a couple of years due to back problems. I was fearful of reinjury if I continued. Although I remained active physically in that two years, it was never at a level that was satisfying. I came to yoga by accident.

I tried some classes. I liked those classes. I went more regularly. Then I didn't go regularly. I found it deceptively difficult. To me there were aspects of yoga that related to running though... an ineffable physical and mental experience. From those on-again/off-again beginnings, I slowly became more consistent in practice.

I am grateful for the diverse set of instructors and teachers I have had at Yoga Village and elsewhere. As I practice, I grow.
I hope to share the experience of yoga with others; the physical and mental benefits, the positive focus, and the general well being that yoga brings to me.


Richard Meyer instructs the following:
  • Yoga Noodle
  • Yoga stretches, Restorative & Yin. You'll feel so refreshed and relaxed afterwards, like a wet noodle. :)

  • Hatha I-II
  • An intermediate to a more advanced level class, exploring asanas (postures) and linking movement with breath.

  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Come experience a class that is open to all levels and encourages you to grow, not only in your physical practice but also on your path. Gentle Hatha Yoga, followed with guided meditation.

  • Yoga Fusion & Meditation
  • If you are looking for ways to refresh your usual practice, Yoga Fusion is a fantastic place to start!
    For beginning & experienced students who want to add more variety to their practice.
    Each week experience a new sequence of poses integrating dance, core strengthening, full body balancing techniques, partner stretches, yoga/barre lengthening & chakra alignment, using yoga props like balls, bolsters, blocks, sandbags, and more.
    We will explore the use of yoga props to deepen stretches in our bodies. Learn PNF exercises which will allow you to gain more flexibility. Experience effective breathing techniques that will facilitate better digestion and aid in deep relaxation.
    You will feel worked, stretched, invigorated and restored, all at the same time!
    With the added Yoga Nidra, you will leave feeling blissfully relaxed.