Connie Murphy

I began teaching yoga in 1981. As an ERYT and an AFFA consultant I have been teaching classes plus nationally training and helping certify other instructors for over 35 years and added the 500 E-RYT certification with Yoga Alliance.
In 2003 I moved to the Central Coast to be closer to my daughter, April, and my grand children. Having successfully started and run several businesses (BS in Finance) April and I decided to join our love of yoga and give back to the community by opening a yoga studio on the Central Coast. In 2008 we started Yoga Village.
In 2016 I sold the studio to a beautiful Yogini Annie Hopper.
I hope to bring my love of yoga and all that it encompasses to my students. Yoga means union, and in my classes we bring together our minds, bodies and spirits, opening our hearts and giving ourselves a gift of health and love.
OM Shanti Shanti Shanti
In love and light,

Connie Murphy instructs the following:
  • Yoga Noodle
  • Yoga stretches, Restorative & Yin. You'll feel so refreshed and relaxed afterwards, like a wet noodle. :)

  • Pilates
  • Develop core awareness and strength through specifically designed exercises and breath work. We use lots of toys (I mean props) to make it more fun and challenging.

  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Come experience a class that is open to all levels and encourages you to grow, not only in your physical practice but also on your path. We begin with a centering and a physical body warmup. The next 50 minutes are spent working through your physical asana practice no matter what your level is. We work through the basic poses but offer suggestions to move forward. when you're ready from extended side angle to bird of paradise. This is so exhilarating not to be held back or move forward before you're ready. It's about listening to and honoring your own practice. We then cool down, stretch out during the last 5-10 minutes of the 50.
    Next is our alternate nostril breathing. We begin by clearing any confusion, which we all have daily, from our 3rd eye. We then continue with the alternate nostril breath and then end with a 5 minute silent meditation, just breathing. We then end with Yoga Nidra...a life changing meditation.
    Please come experience it! You'll now how important this class is to your growth. It is life changing.
    in love and light