Palaka Sauer

Palaka Das 200 RYT

University of Porto Alegre ..Brazil Physical education degree - 5 yrs
specialty: swimming, weight loss, aerobics

24 years of Bhakti yoga practice
teaches: Bhagavad Gita / Upanishads / Srmiat Baglavatan

School teacher at Ashram for Bhakti yoga / Jhana yoga / Karma Yoga

100 hours study Seminar School at Mayapur India on Bhagavad Gita / Upanishads / Yoga Sutras

15 years cooking chef in the principles of Ayurveda

50 hours study at Sivananda Ashram

200 hours Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Village School of Teacher Training

3+ years practice and teaching at Yoga Village

Palaka Sauer instructs the following:
  • Breath to Bliss
  • Breath to Bliss is a class based in the basic principles of Yoga. Postures, Breath work, Meditation, Relaxation, Positive Thinking and Diet will help participants develop effective and skillful ways of relating to the challenges and demands of everyday life.
    Through consistent practice we will reduce the levels of stress, anxiety, pain and fatigue. We will improve our levels of energy, enthusiasm, better health, more gratitude and have a blissful life filled with joy and radiant love.

  • 200 Hour Teacher Training